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Our goal was to create a platform that takes on all the heavy lifting of running a business for clinicians, allowing them to concentrate on consulting with their clients. If you have any questions about the platform or any comments, please feel free to submit below.

Frequently Asked Questions:

A collection of the most commonly asked questions from clinicians along with the relevant explanation. We are adding to this all the time and are also able to answer any other queries. Please just ask! 

I dont see all my clients digitally?

Whilst one of our attractive features is the unlimited video consultation feature. The platform allows for clinicians to book appointments for physical & telephone consultations as well as digital. It will still allow you to issue appointment reminders and take payments from those patients even though they will not be consulting digitally. 

What happens if i want to leave the platform?

We understand that clinicians may want to change platforms and will require all their data and notes. With this in mind, we have built some migration software which, should you wish to end your use of the platform, will extract all client details and clinical notes safely onto a PDF document to help you migrate to any other platform. 

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