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Your All-in-One Solution for Seamless Practice Management

Our goal at clinix is to provide clinicians with a single point of access, secure platform, providing everything they need to efficiently manage their business.


clinix allows clinicians to arrange appointments, store clinical notes, and work flexibly online, anytime-anywhere supporting the growth of their client base and saving precious time.

​Through digitising the mundane (but essential) day to day clinical activities, clinix effectively becomes your digital PA, sending reminders, taking payments and ensuring you maximise your billable activities.

Say goodbye to the limitations of in-person sessions and reach clients from anywhere and with no long term commitment requirements, why not give it a try...


Let us take care of a few things for you...

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clinix streamlines client billing...

You will no longer need to send bank details or create multiple invoices. clinix conveniently takes care of all of your clients payments, making direct and secure payments into your bank the same day. 

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Appointment Scheduling

clinix ensures you and your client never miss an appointment...


Efficiently manage your schedule with clinix's comprehensive appointment scheduling system. Easily organise your calendar, schedule appointments, and never miss an appointment with automated reminders.


Compliance & Safety

clinix is Compliant and Secure...


clinix prioritizes the security and confidentiality of client data. With advanced encryption protocols and secure cloud storage, you can trust that sensitive information is protected in accordance with the UK GDPR guidelines.

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Video Conferencing

clinix reduces service delivery costs...

clinix not only enables clinicians to save on travel and office rent but also removes the need for external software such as Zoom, MS Teams, Hub Spot and Dropbox which significantly reduces your monthly expenses.

Did you know?

Online treatment delivery consumes an average of 90% less energy and 85% fewer CO2 emissions per client than traditional face to face treatment.

Designed by Clinicians for Clinicians

Built entirely with a clinician's needs at the very heart of decision making,  we have taken feedback and shaped our platform to form an award winning, "best-of-need" digital clinic.  clinix offers range of value-add features designed to streamline a clinicians daily activities, including appointment setting, payments and essential questionnaires. Keep comprehensive client records, treatment plans, and progress notes in one secure and centralised system, improving organisation and efficiency in your practice

Move from regional to global reach

clinix enables clinicians to offer their consultancy services to a geographically dispersed customer base, remote workforce or home-based individuals, removing the constraints of time and cost of travel.


Talk directly to your Clients

With the ability to personalise your messaging, we provide unrestricted video sessions for you and your clients.

clinix is all you need to start your new business, offer greater flexibility to your existing clients and expand your portfolio of clients geographically. 

Take a look around


"I absolutely love the platform, it is honestly the best, fit for purpose, platform I have used."

Carron Carson, Psychotherapist


Our Pricing

Essential package


Our Essential package works perfectly for sole practitioners at the start of their digital journey.

clinix provides everything you need to take your clinic to the next level.

  • Full diary management

  • Free video appointments

  • Online billing and payments

  • Free Questionnaires

  • Reminder notifications

  • Note dictation

  • No geographical barriers
  • GDPR compliant data storage

  • Email support

Optional SMS messages charged at 5p each

Premium package


per month

Our Premium package extends the capabilities of our Essential service with a range of value-add features to scale your practice. 

  • Ability to add up to 5 clinicians to your practice at no extra cost - If you need more please contact us

  • Video appointments between clinicians for supervision

  • Customisable company website

  • Clients can book their own appointments using the availability that you set

  • Seamless invoice creation from appointments

  • Personalised profile and URL

  • Clinician management dashboard

  • Practice administration and management

  • Active support

Innovating and listening to clinicians needs... 


EMDR through video call

(Coming Soon)


Online Whiteboard

(Coming Soon)


Clinician Advertising




Multiple Participants

(Coming Soon)

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